Our story

The story dates back to mid seventies when Dr. Vasant and Dr. ChitraSavangikar started research work on “fractionating” Green Leafy Vegetation to improve efficiency of its utility for human consumption. It included studies on nutritive value of various fractions. They worked for translating the laboratory scale technology to a practically workable technology for making product having additional health benefit for human consumption in addition to the general health benefits available from Green Leafy Vegetation. Since 2003, based on their own limited personal financial resources, they focused on Dark Green Leafy Vegetable (DGLV) Methi (Fenugreek) Trigonella-foenum graecum L), as illustrative crop; and directed inventions to transform DGLV having generalized health benefits for general wellness to focused products that addresses health benefits for well defined effects on life-style diseases, infectious diseases and cancers. Currently, they have at their disposal 9 products relevant to millions of people worldwide and protected by 36 patent applications in various jurisdictions.

Our Vision

  • Phytabolites products are result of a synergy between traditional wisdom and Research and Development in modern science in natural products and nutrition. Our Vision entails the following:

  • Grandmother’s advise + processing of Green Leafy Vegetables by modern methods to obtain fractions having bio-available nutrients that clinically provide health benefits = Phytabolites products

  • Helping to improve quality of life by using various fractions of the Green Leafy Vegetables

  • Our strength lies also in making inventive palatable formulations from unpalatable fractions of DGLV and other nutraceuticals.

We are a R & D company. We develop IP-protected, science based dietary supplements from Dark Green Leafy Vegetables and natural sources using innovative technologies. All the formulations are taken care of to pass the difficult task of complying with regulatory requirements of the “Health Claims”. We prefer to Out-license the inventions to capable companies to take them upto the patients who need them, and to take the inventions further and to train next generation of scientists/technologists to provide a continuity to the R&D in future.

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