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Lefiber - For Normalizing bowel movement and enriching gut flora

  • Contains 86% of fiber made up of 1:1 proportion of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber. One sachet of 4g provides 3.3g of dietary fiber one of the ingredients is dietary fiber derived from Green Leafy Vegetables. Recommended to take one sachet spoonful with each major meal to reduce the risk of recurrence of constipation.
  • For normalizing bowel movements avoiding constipation by formation of soft and bulky stools.
  • Enriching gut flora. There is a luxuriant growth of the beneficial bacteria.
  • Restoration of dietary fiber level with optimum proportion of insoluble and soluble fiber to 25 gram per day of fiber mix for adults and for children = (age in years + 5) g per day, promotes healthy weight management .
  • Role of fiber derived from DGLV:
    •    Nitrogen in fiber gets released to help proliferation of friendly bacteria that provide 80% bulk to the stools;
    •     Fiber of DGLV is rich in lignin which irreversibly binds / sequestrates cholesterol and, the cholesterol, instead of getting reabsorbed in digestive tract to return to the blood stream as usual, gets permanently eliminated out of body with feces.
  • High fiber diet helps in giving feeling of satiety and over eating is controlled.
  • Improves control on blood sugar level by slowing down the rate of liberation of glucose in the digestive tract and also by slowing down subsequent absorption of the same,
  • Three times in a day with three major meals until intended clinical effect is achieved; thereafter it may be reduced to two times a day or once with breakfast. Consume by making a drink by adding water or as an after-mint after taking food is over.

  • CogniActive Mom - DHA Booster For Cognition & Brain Development and safe management of Vit. A in pregnant and nursing mothers

  • A tasty solution to a fishy odor problem that prevents pregnant and lactating mothers to consume their daily supplement of DHA they need most; and also for a problem on how to keep body Vitamin A levels optimum in pregnant mothers without taking risk to the fetus as well as the mother.
  • Highly palatable powder carrying 125mg DHA per dose and 400mcg 100% bio--available natural beta carotene per dose. :
  • fully masked for its fishy flavor,
  • with attractive Natural flavors makes it further agree-able.
  • One serving contains 100% bio-available beta carotene 400 mcg; which acts as pro-vitamin A. No other food source of beta carotene has the same in 100% bio-available form,
  • Pre-formed Vitamin A, if consumed in excess of body requirements, produces toxicity on account of altered bone metabolism and altered metabolism of other fat-soluble vitamins; which is dangerous to a pregnant woman; on the other hand, deficiency of Vitamin A during pregnancy leads to its effects on developing fetus which can never be repaired throughout its life after its birth.
  • Beta carotene is a pro-vitamin A, gets converted by a mechanism in body which is strictly regulated to stop as soon as an optimum level of the vitamin is reached inside the body. Hence, no risk of hyper-vitaminosis A when beta carotene is provided through natural food sources. Excess beta Carotene is safely stored underneath the skin and cannot produce toxicity.
  • Bioavailability of beta-carotene for food sources such as DGLV and fruits rich in it is only a fraction of its actual content within them; however, in protein-fat-minerals concentrate of DGLV, which is an ingredient of this product, has beta carotene that is nearly 100% bio-available.

  • CogniActive Kid - For Cognition and brain development in Kids

  • DHA promoted normal growth of brain and cognitive abilities during growth state of brain; which gets completed during childhood; and never resumes later on in the life. It can be reasonable to perceive that cognitive health in ageing adults may be primed, in addition to many other factors, by extent of development of the brain in childhood. On account of imbalance of oil quality in urban food, there is no alternative but to supplement their diets with DHA-rich supplements. DHA-rich Algal oils are coming up as most feasible food sources for such a supplementation.
  • However, it is challenging to formulate DHA supplements that would be consumed happily by children because of the strong fishy odor of the DHA-rich oils.
  • A tasty solution to a fishy odor problem that prevents children to consume daily supplement of DHA they need most.
  • Highly palatable powder carrying 125mg DHA per dose::
    •            fully masked for its fishy flavor,
    •            with attractive Natural flavors makes it becomes further agree-able and palatable.

    Green 100 – The Healthy Breakfast

  • This is a greens enriched morning cereal mix for breakfast.
  • One serving contains:
    • Protein-fats-minerals Concentrate of 100 gram fresh DGLV; Thus, one portion provides major nutrients available from 100 gram fresh DGLV. In addition to providing convenience of availability of DGLV throughout the year, this product provides 50% or more of the content of nutrient content of 100 gram DGLV which is seen to be released only 3% for absorption when cooked as vegetable in conventional way and consumed with food,
    • Mix of wheat floor and puffed Grain Amaranth floor to mutually supplement the essential amino acids Methionine and Lysine contents to bring it closer to essential amino acid content of eggs.
  • Most healthy breakfast choice for vegerarians as well as non-vegetarians. High quality dietary protein, alpha-linolenic acid and anti-oxidant complex of DGLV together provide benefit of maintaining general health, as well as the benefit of improving immunity, Daily consumption would reduce the risk of pathogenic infections and cancer.

    • One serving per day is a good source of beta carotene (pro-vitamin A), xanthophylls (most of which is Lutein), Iron and Calcium. When consumed as a part of low fat, low cholesterol, low saturated fat diet, in absence of consumption of tobacco and smoking, may reduce risk of certain types of cancers and cardiovascular diseases, infections, primary incidence as well as secondary recurrence of anemia and Age Related Macular Degeneration .

    LeImmune - for Non –specific Immunity

    Greens Enriched Oil and soft-gel capsules
  • Four 500mg soft-gel capsules contain antioxidant complex in 100% bio-available form, extracted from 100 gram fresh Dark Green Leafy Vegetable. The anti-oxident complex includes carotenes, xanthophylls along with Leutein, Vitamin K, Alpha-tocopherol, Polyunsaturated oils of the leaves that contain alpha-linolenic acid too.
  • Extract offered in flax-seed oil.
  • Highly bio-available beta-carotene improves activity of Natural Killer Cells thereby improving Non-Specific Immunity: i.e. an immunity that recognizes as “non-self” any pathogenic bacteria that invade in the body and body cells that have recently turned cancerous; and kills them. In the meanwhile, antigens in the body get time to note down identity of the pathogen and make antibodies for the same: thereby providing scope for “Natural Vaccination”. Thus, substantially reducing the risk of new pathogenic infections, establishing cancerous cells and metastasis when provided during and after Standard of Care Treatment in cancer.
  • Applicable for:
  • Reducing risk of infection from pathogenic microorganism for which vaccine has not been taken.
  • For reducing the risk of cancer.
  • For reducing risk of metastasis against cancer cells that may have escaped the effect of Standard-of-Care treatment of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

  • Plezzant - For Hyperacidity and stress relief

  • Hyperacidity due to lifestyle / medicines,
  • Nausea from medicines / chemotherapy
  • Stress• Stress relief to those who do not have clinical hyperacidity like persons appearing for competitive exams, executives working for long hours, persons working at odd hours in night shifts.

  • Available as powder filled in sachets
  • Normalizes acidity levels in stomach and acidity balancer.

  • Three times a day or as required to relieve stress. Uppermost safe limit 30 doses per day.

  • PhytORAC: The Antioxidant power

  • Antioxidant remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism that produce free radicals that damage cells and trigger lifestyle diseases and cancer. Antioxidants terminate chain reactions that damage the cells. Natural antioxidants found in foods are known to have beneficial health effects
  • To balance the oxidative state, a single natural antioxidant is not enough. A complex systems of overlapping antioxidants is required. Hence, a complex mix of antioxidants rather than from a single source shall be more rational.
  • PhytORAC contains sources of antioxidants that are known individually for their anti-oxidant activity.
  • It is very tasty mix of the rich antioxidants. It contains bio-available Curcumin, Beta carotene, Grape seed extract, Cinnamon extract and other ingredients having anti-oxidant property.


    Adipomimetin - Adiponectin Agonist Concentrate for Metabolic disorders including Type II diabetes

  • Heat stable protein concentrate from Dark Green Leafy Vegetable
  • Agonist/mimetic of the human hormone Adiponectin. Adiponectin regulates the metabolic cycles that keep proper balance of blood sugar, total and LDL cholesterol, Body Mass Index and hunger. Deficiency in his hormone is mainly responsible for development of one or the other disorder relating to Lifestyle diseases including Type-II diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertriglyceridemia, obesity and consequential Metabolic Syndrome that increase risk of Heart Disease. Multiple medicines are required to keep all these diseases under control.
  • Adipomimetin - when consumed orally in as low quantity as 20-80 mg per meal, is absorbed in blood and works in the same way asAdiponectin does; rather than acting on the symptoms, goes to the root of Lifestyle Diseases, balances the deranged metabolism substantially closer to normal balance, so that symptoms of Lifestyle Diseases do not develop.
  • This one supplement may significantly reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, thereby reducing need of several medicines and their; thereby reducing the risk of side effects and restoring quality of life.
  • This is potentially first preventive measure that is safe option for consumption by at-risk people well in advance of the likely age of developing lifestyle diseases.
  • This shall potentially prevent obesity in at-risk people; and may potentially reduce even the obesity too.

  • Offered as tablet.

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