A link is acknowledged by experts to exist between consuming certain nutrients and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc.

  • US FDA, for example, acknowledges that, there is a general scientific agreement that a link exists between consuming certain nutrients and the prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc.

  • Development of heart disease depends on many factors. Eating a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in fruits, vegetables, and grain products that contain fiber may lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart disease.

  • The Phytabolites products are basically designed to comply with approved health claims by U.S. FDA, European Food Safety Authority and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Phytabolites has launched a unique series of research based supplements for the first time in the world, which provide:

  • High dietary fiber from food sources including green leafy vegetables and cereals. It provides natural way of bowel movement instead of laxatives and purgatives based on non-food ingredients such as Psyllium husk, chemicals such as Lactulose, purgatives such as Caster seed oil or medicinal herbs. It is recommended that one should consume 25-30g of fiber every day. But the general consumption is only 12-13%. Phytabolites high fiber food supplement, being as high as 86% in dietary fiber, make it possible to conveniently manage making up deficiency of dietary fiber. Phytabolites LeFiber recommended daily intake make up for 10g of dietary fiber/day. Provide closer-to-recommended proportion of insoluble and soluble fibers for daily consumption all the days of the year. This shall facilitate achieving objective of reducing risk of cancer and heart disease as envisaged by Approved Health claim provided by US FDA

  • Provide significant quantities of 100% bio-available beta carotene which is a major source of improving non-specific innate immunity by improving the activity of "Natural Killer Cells" having capability to destroy the infectious microorganisms of all types as well as cancerous cells, , primary cancer as well as secondary spread of cancer - the metastasis and to reduce the risk of infectious diseases

    • There are many ways to improve immunity of the body; however, they are all antigen-antibody mediated systems, which fail against novel pathogenic microbes and certainly have no capability to detect and destroy cancerous cells. "Non-specific immunity" is the only kind of immunity which does not need antigen-antibody mechanism, hence, does not need vaccination for a capability to recognize and destroy even a pathogenic microbe that is new to the body; and also to recognize as “non-self” a recently formed cancerous cell and destroy the same by a process of apoptosis. Highly bio-available beta Carotene in Phytabolites product improves activity of Natural Killer Cells. . This property has ability to reduce risk of new epidemics becoming pandemic, such as threats from Swine flue, Ebola virus etc. and would, for the first time, provide a route to exclusively cancer cells-targeted approach for preventing and treating cancer without making any harm to the normal body cells.

  • provide significant quantities of 100% bio-available xanthophylls, half of which is Leutein, vital for eyesight and also as a strong anti-oxidant.

  • provide significant quantities of highly bio-available and efficacious iron so that inorganic iron supplements are not needed and serves as a strictly vegetarian source of iron.

  • provide highly bio-available calcium.

  • provide significant quantities of Chlorophyll in the form of sodium copper chlorophyllin for Chronic Kidney Disease, detoxification/waste disposal and odor removal.

  • provide significant quantities of dietary protein of high True Digestibility and high Biological value.

  • provide significant quantities of some oils which are poly-unsaturated, including alpha linolenic acid.

  • provide inventive heat stable protein enriched concentrate that is made by Phytabolites from DGLV by inventive method

  • provide a blend of domain of products from DGLV fractions and from other domain of nutraceutical products to provide new products that overcome deficiencies of both the products and provide benefit. In one product in which green nutrient concentrate from DGLV is combined with DHA rich Algal oil; in which grassy flavor of green nutrient concentrate as well as fishy flavor of DHA rich Algal Oil are totally masked, and benefit of optimum DHA intake for brain development and vision acuity as well as optimum and safe Vitamin A management for pregnant women, which was not hitherto available in the domain of Natural products.

  • provide solutions of problems of allied domains; such as providing fish-flavor masked powder form of DHA-rich Algal Oil. A novel form for delivery of DHA oil is possible due to masking of the odour and taste. Some Ayurvedic ingredients that are known for the memory enhancement and cognition are used that give additive or synergistic benefits.

Phytabolites product range includes products that fulfill needs of people of all ages and all stages; for healthy people to reduce the risk of disorders and diseases and maintain their health, for patients undergoing treatment for reducing the risk of progression or recurrence of some specific diseases or disorders, and for professionals for maintaining their efficiency, radiant personality and beauty from within.

Many people label concentrated supplements from green plants as SUPER FOODS. Some Phytabolites products are in that category, and are further blended with other healthy nutritional or plant derived healthy ingredients.

Phytabolites products provide what is not available from other currently available natural products.

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